If you’re an aggro player Amonkhet should be dazzling you right now; its been awhile since I’ve seen a set that caters so heavily to aggressive decks.

Let’s start of with some of the gods:

I’m a fan of this card even if not a lot of other people think it is a stinker; I think there’s value to a indestructible 5/4 that can threaten damage very early in a low CMC deck. I think Hazoret is best as a metagame choice against decks that are relying on ‘destroy’ effects to solve their problems. I don’t consider Hazoret a good choice for the 99 but perhaps I could test her leading a equipment deck.

Rhonas is a god I expect to see a lot more of in the 99. In big green stompy decks its easy to turn on Rhona’s ability to attack and push in damage when you need to. I don’t think the deathtouch does a lot on this card. I see Rhonas as another type of Nylea, god of the hunt.

I’m not sold on Oketra as a commander but I could be wrong; I think she’s not the type of white deck I’m used to building. The more I think about her I think she’s best served as a more controlling commander. White has fantastic hate cards and later in the game when you have increased amounts of mana you can use her ability as a EOT mana sink and Armageddon or Ravages of War to end the game when your boardstate is ahead. Overall I think Heliod, God of the Sun probably has more favorable interactions because of enchantment support (Serra’s Sanctum is busted).

This is one of the most pushed aggro cards they’ve printed in awhile for EDH. It has 4 keywords, a decent body (especially with doublestrike) AND it gives other creatures you control haste. The white untap ability is pure gravy on top of all this.

To me flash is what really makes this card. There are many matchups where you want to apply pressure onto your opponents but because most commanders are cast at sorcery speed it can be difficult to cast your commander without exposing them to removal. Samut’s combination of flash and haste makes it so that even if Samut gets disrupted when you try to flash her into play, you can still untap, draw, and cast her again and beat face!

I think having so many keywords can also greatly benefit equipment decks – Samut already has haste and doublestrike, why give them to her again? Instead you could include more removal or disruption spells.

I’m also picturing Goblin decks I could build with her – her mass haste enabler really makes me think that she might be one of the most flexible Naya commanders ever printed. She might not have the benefit of costing as little as Marath, Will of the Wild does, or have the combos or direct control that Marath has, but she has flash and has way more potential for burst damage.

This card is primarily good because of its low cost – in a lot of weenie and aggro decks I make I don’t run many mana rocks at all so having this cost 2 mana can let us easily curve out in a turn while applying its passive life loss effect. I could understand where this card might feel a little win-more when you have a ton of creatures but I think its made for the mid game where you might have a cluster of 4-5 creatures. This is enough creatures that you are pressuring all of your opponents at once. Note that its loss of life so its very difficult to stop.

I want to see how this card pans out: I think its mediocre against creature and value decks but it could possibly be good against decks that try to combo you or play “I win” cards like laboratory maniac. What makes me really question Gideon is that many combo decks can draw out most or all of their deck and bounce/kill Gideon on their way to victory. Still can’t wait to test it out! Some people think that Gideon of the Trial’s emblem could be good in a Kytheon, Hero of Akros deck because Kytheon can transform into a Gideon. I have a Kytheon list here you can check out.

These types of effects entice me: I think in a deck that can make a good chunk of mana this card could be good at essentially blocking an opponent’s attempt to win the game and dive them immediately afterwards. I think players will get the most value out of this card in 1v1 scenarios but if you wanted to try to abuse this card you could run cards that end your turn (like sundial of the infinite) before the “You lose the game” clause resolves during your next end step. It does exile itself when it resolves so it is… sort of difficult to recur.

This card may not seem big or flashy but its good I swear: You are getting three things – a 1/1, the 1/1 has vigilance, and the enchanted creature gets +1/+1. I think this card is a very solid contender in enchantress Voltron decks. Its subtly very strong against sac engines as the 1/1 can peel for your big dork. If your big dork dies you can suit up the 1/1 with vigilance.

This is a card you will for sure be seeing, even in non-dedicated aggro decks. Combat celebrant is really pushed and I’m surprised to see an ability like his only cost 3 mana. Since aggro decks are good at providing haste expect yourself to possibly die out of nowhere to a combat celebrant and its’ friends. Its also another combo card with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker for infinite attack steps.

Manticore is back and in a somewhat better form in Amonkhet. I think Heart-piercer is good in a deck that wants to sacrifice creatures, but it can also be used as a finisher by sacing a big creature after combat to kill an opponent. Marchesa, the black rose anyone?

This card will be a card that leaves a mark on many eternal formats – so many abilities exist, even if you don’t include mana abilities. I’m sure I’ll be seeing this in small weenie or hatebear decks. I could also see it going into Norin the Wary style decks where you want to ping people to death. People are saying the character in the art kinda looks like Will Smith.

Zombies got a fair amount of support but this is one of the better ones I feel. You’re playing zombies, so Its not too difficult to put two -1/-1 counters on a guy you don’t care about (or want dead anyway to revive later) so that Plague Belcher can stay a 5/4. Because Plague Belcher says “each player loses 1 life” makes it dramatically better and I expect this to be a mainstay in any zombie deck that looks to go wide. He also has Menace for extra gravy: gogo power creep!

Right back to red. I saw a lot of people doubting Hazoret’s Favor online but I think it’s a decent pick – just specific. Similar to the Manticore you might want the creature to die. I think this is a very fair price haste enabler – if you are playing a deck that steals often or with cards like Zealous Conscripts you get to sac your opponents creatures at your end step.

This isn’t as explosive as plague belcher but hey I’ll take menace – makes our hoard harder to deal with so its virtually more damage against creature decks!

I don’t know how I feel about this card yet: I’m expecting to get Craterhoof Behemoth‘ed at least once by this guy but I see him overall as a less powerful Elvish Piper. People says he pairs well with Surrak, the Hunt Caller. I do think that this card is awkward because you can’t attack with the creature cheated into play that turn.

This card seems a little vanilla because it was one of the first cards spoiled from Amonkhet but I think this is one of the better exert creatures. Sure, it won’t untap for a turn but sometimes combo creatures or commanders HAVE to die and Glorybringer is here to bring the pain. Do note if you can give him vigilance he will not tap and you can exert him each turn. Perhaps he could be well suited for a equipment deck as an additional beater/ removal spell option.

Another small enchantment with decent upside. I think that in the right type of aggressive enchantment decks the -1/-1 counter clause isn’t a big deal – if you aren’t killing someone modestly quickly your creature could just as easily die to a wrath or kill spell. I think this card could open up some interesting choices for your opponents: they could think that instead of wrathing to let Consuming Fervor eat your Voltron creature alive and do other things. If they do decide to wait you could surprise them with enough damage to finish them off.

This card made me laugh out loud in the best way possible. He’s a 1/1 with no real downside, has decent typing being a Human and a Warrior and seems like a solid card in a red weenie deck. I could easily see him making my Zada list.

Fantastic card in a weenie deck – detonate the board leaving your dudes in one piece and later in the game you can bring them all back! A more value-oriented Retribution of the Meek gambling that games will go longer.

This card probably doesn’t make this article if it only got through prevention effects or if it only doubled damage. Because it does both, I see being highly flexible. I think this card will be best served in Burn decks but if your meta runs lots of Fog or Glacial Chasm this will be your go-to trump card. I can’t wait to blast someone away from long range when they think they are covered with Constant Mists.

Pretty straightforward card, but I think in various R/W/X aggro decks it can be a good finisher. If need be its 6 mana for quad damage with a single creature! At least the top half is an instant.

This card seems a little vanilla but is a very solid playable: It has good damage value for two mana and later in the game we can finish opponents off with Ribbons. I’m a fan.

Depending on how you build your deck this card can be nuts in creature versus creature matchups. If you don’t have fliers in your deck you can clear the skies. You could also just cast Heaven for 0 then immediately cast Earth for the desired amount. Assuming you have tanky creatures and your opponents are running weenies you can turn this card into a 1 sided boardwipe from multiple angles.



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