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This is a budget Wort, the Raidmother storm deck that heavily relies on cards such as Past in Flames or Mizzix’s Mastery to play a bunch of spells in one turn. The general routes to victory are as follows.

1. Loot a bunch with cards like Faithless Looting until you can ritual or cast Past in Flames / Mizzix’s Mastery to play out your entire graveyard, leading you to cast cards like Ignite Memories, Burn at the Stake, Fall of the Titans, Aetherflux Reservoir, or even Grapeshot. Remember that spells with the storm mechanic get their storm trigger when cast from a graveyard, so this deck gets value by being able to cast Ignite Memories for a bunch of storm copies from our hand, then cast it again that same turn via spells like Recoup or Past in Flames for even more storm copies.

2. Play for value by ramping into Wort, The Raidmother and then drawing/looting for extra value with Wort’s conspire triggered ability. With Conspire, you can tap two creatures that share a color with the spell that is being cast to copy it. Note that with Storm cards you won’t get another storm trigger, because the spell is being copied, not cast.

Frequently you’ll play a bunch of spells that give you goblins such as Dragon Fodder, Hunting Pack or Empty the Warrens. You can ritual enough mana to fuel your combo turns by casting spells like Brightstone Ritual or Battle Hymn after deploying tons of creatures. Note that you can go Hunting Pack into Mogg Infestation to get mana value off of Hunting pack when you only have Brightstone Ritual in hand.

Mulligan Tips:

Don’t keep hands with just a bunch of ramp. Ramping into a fast Wort is nice, but you need card draw spells to fuel your storm turns so you can eventually hit your critical mass spells in Past in Flames and Mastery.

I typically find that hands that have at least one loot effect are usually good enough to get the loot train going. If I’m not looting I’m casting the cantrip spells aggressively to find either more loot spells or ramp cards that can get us to casting Wort.



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