Hello again and welcome to another Commander Cookout Podcast! After a short subatical we are back with a new arch of episodes, the Arch of the Archetype!

We are now officially on iTunes as well. Search us up and subscribe. For everyone that asked, nexcuses to not listen!!

No dedicated decklist this week but instead a prelude to what is going to be four lists centered around today’s topic, the main archetypes of commander.

Additionally, with a new arch comes a new contest. Help us help you! Share us, retweet, like, subscribe, comment, do whatever it is you want to do to help CCOPodcast get it’s name out there and you will be entered for a chance to win a draft set of Open-flippy.drinky packs. Wait until you find out what kind of fun Magic-based drinking game we are talking about! It’s great.

To do so, you can find us on Twitter @CCOPodcast, on iTunes by searching Commander Cookout Podcast, or to plain old contact us via email, [email protected]

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