Hello again and welcome back to another Cookout! This week Brando and Ryan discuss 62-land Atogatog.

The deck is pretty spicy. Far from your regular Atog tribal build. Or any kind of tribal build. Think legacy lands.dec mixed with a shot of tequila!

Check out the list over at our Tappedout page. Here’s the link.

If you’d like to get in touch with us! You can do so by email. We are, [email protected], or on Twitter @Peneff123Alters. As a side note, you can check out Ryan’s card alters if he’s got any recent ones posted.

Thanks for listening! If you have feedback or want to submit topics for future spicy brews, let us know!

Finally,big shout out to Commander Society for the platform and to Hayes personally for beating me to the punch on recent deck ideas!

Now, time to sit back and relax with some Commander Cookout!



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