Hello and welcome back to another Commander Cookout. This week Brando tells a little story and then him and Ryan discuss their theory on what makes a deck spicy.

No deck list links today but we will provide you with the spice formula if it helps make sense of the episode. We will be diving head first into a couple of the spice formula topics in future episodes and clarifying anything that is required on episode 5. Right now, just bare with us!

Here’s the formula:


Now remember,

P= (EDHREC deck count) (.0001) and cannot be less than 1.

aCMC= average converted mana cost as per Tappedout.net

CT= theoretical critical turn and cannot be greater than 5

OGS= optimal game size the deck is tuned for and cannot be greater than 6

UR= 99 (98 if using partner commanders) – # of land in deck – matching cards in EDHREC

T= tutors

It’s a little convoluted but it makes sense to us! Let us know what you think about the formula or the spice rating system.You can find us on Twitter @CCOPodcast. Feel free to tweet us an Atraxa list as well. We will try to get every last drop of spice out of her, if we can.

If you’d like to get in touch with us outside of Twitter, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Thanks for listening! If you want to submit any ideas for future spicy brews, let us know.

Now, sit back and relax with Commander Cookout.



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