Hello and welcome to CCO Podcast, episode 5!

Today Brando and Ryan discuss a Hope of Ghirapur deck that Ryan recently built that is less-than-good, to say the least. A couple combos, a few more voltron additions and some play strategy discussion go a long way this week.

Today’s list can be found here.

Also, we added a new section to the show; Card of the Week. We showcase/discuss the card’s merit in the deck and recommend you to give it a try.

We put out another challenge as well. We are looking for colorless voltron lists. Anybody have any good ones for discussion on future shows???

Of course, were always looking for retweets from listeners for your chance to win a free alter and we are always looking for spicy Atraxa lists for Project Atraxa. We are @CCOPodcast on Twitter.

If you have something longer you’d like to send us, shoot us an email at [email protected]

As always, thanks for listening! Hit our theme song!!!



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