This is a 4 Color aggro deck using Tymna the Weaver for card advantage and Tana, the Bloodsower for token generation. There are a lot of pump spells and creatures with prowess which allows this deck to threaten lethal damage from benign boardstates. The pump spells are usually also able to target other player’s creatures, so you can kill your opponents through other opponent’s creatures. It’s always amusing to achieve Commander damage kills via other generals you don’t control.

You’ll be drawing a ton of cards with Tymna, so don’t be afraid to trade your creatures/pump spells with valuable creatures your opponents control.

Even when you draw “too many” pump spells in this deck Tana, the Bloodsower is the sink you can stuff the pump spells into so you can generate a boardstate of saprolings to kill someone the following turn.

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What I like about this deck the most is how it utilizes 1-drop mana dorks very efficiently – when they are not on mana duty they can join the other low cost creatures and attack effectively with the variety of mass creature pump effects such as Fervent Charge and Glory of Warfare.


There is an infect angle with Inkmoth Nexus, Triumph of the Hordes, and Tainted Strike. The prowess creatures work especially well with these infect enablers because they are mostly noncreature spells and are further synergistic with the pump spells in the deck.

Crop rotation is in this deck mostly for fetching Inkmoth Nexus, although you can also find Kessig Wolf Run and Shizo, Death’s Storehouse for other combat options.



The manabase for this deck is very painful (as well as including cards like Dark Confidant), but remember that Tymna has lifelink and you can pump her up if you need to gain life versus other aggro or burn decks. Usually its a pure race, but I wouldn’t want to race a deck like this one because of all the access to pump spells and double strike – it makes blocking almost impossible because you can simply pump a unblocked creature to push damage through.

Versus combo you’ll be either racing to the finish line, or trying to bait your opponent into blocking with one of their combo enabling creatures so you can pump and trade to kill the combo creature.

Midrange/Grindy decks:

Its all about Tymna in these games – your aim is to out draw your opponents via Tymna’s triggered ability. This will allow you to slug through board wipes and discard effects. Versus enchantment decks or decks that like to wall off attackers with cards like Propaganda we have Reverent Silence. It does allow our opponents to gain life, but it synergies with our prowess and infect capabilities – I think its a necessary evil because from my experience mass enchantment decks are pretty efficient at protecting their cluster of enchantments so targeted removal isn’t as reliable (think cards like Greater Auramancy).

Control Decks:

Against decks with lots of wraths we have Selfless Spirit, Golgari Charm, and Boros Charm to protect our boards when we want to aggressively play out our hand. The Crop Rotation into Inkmoth Nexus kill + pump spells kill can be effective at killing them at unexpected moments. Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, and Skullcrack can allow you to get around cards that prevent damage such as Glacial Chasm. Final Fortune can be used to take an extra turn when not expected, assuming you can win the following turn.



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