This deck runs a decent amount of early game removal like volcanic fallout or oblivion stone to attempt to stabilize the gamestate going into the mid-late game, where its going to crush its opponents with giant eldrazi titans.

Captain Lannery Storm is really a living mana rock for this deck that dishes out a lotus petal each combat. Because it’s multiplayer commander, there’s usually someone to attack with her 2/2 hasty body. With Lannery Storm alone you’ll be able reach around 8 maximum via her Treasure Chests on turn 5. With all the mana rocks available at 0-2 cmc, and all the double lands like Ancient Tomb in this deck, you’ll be casting Eldrazi very quickly.

If you want to check out a Green Tron deck in EDH, which is way better at utilizing the Tron and other powerful lands, check out our Nissa Tron deck here.

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