Hey! We are giving away a Wasteland (Tempest) over the next week and a half or so (contest ends April 17th).

Here are the full rules:

The winner will be randomly selected at 12:00PM EST April 17th. Each thing you do increases your odds of winning. Good luck!

Like/Reaction: 1 Entry
Comment: 2 Entries
Page Like: 4 Entries
Share: 4 Entries
YouTube Sub: 5 Entries (you can find our channel here)

If you already like our Facebook or are a Sub on Youtube you are already entered to possibly win! Do more things to increase your chances!

It’s really that simple. Enter before it’s to late! Make sure to share this promotion with your friends and fellow CMDR lovers!

By entering this giveaway you release Facebook of any obligations – Facebook is not part of this promotion. Anyone in the world is capable of winning this prize as long as they qualify for at least 1 entry. The winner will be determine through randomization. The more enteries you qualify for increase your odds of winning.



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