Hazoret looks terrible at first glance but I think its actually modestly playable – it is a indestructible creature that can slug your opponents pretty quickly if you can curve out.

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I focused on primarily an aggro strategy with access to virtual card advantage (stuff like Abbot of Keral Keep or Stromkirk Occultist). Virtual card advantage is cool in this deck because it is a work around Hazoret’s clause that doesn’t let you attack if you have more than one card in hand.

I also have a few cards like Pyrostatic Pillar or Spellshock that can help me close in and finish opponents after I’ve hit them a few times – I’m not sure how good they will be in the initial deck but I think combined with Hazoret’s ability to ping players it might be enough to put life-threatening pressure onto my opponents. Don’t play defense and figure out who you need to kill first and assert your dominance! Sometimes you’ll draw hands that have a focus on virtual card advantage and those can help you sustain your damage if the game goes long or if you can force your opponents to trade blockers with your aggressive creatures.



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