Deathmatch Commander is a variant of Commander/EDH that is designed for fast and competitive multiplayer gameplay. Super fast combos are highly approved, and should be encouraged. The rules are posted here, and the explanations are posted down below.


Players start with 20 life instead of the normal 40.

Commander Damage kills players at 15 damage.

Sol Ring and Mana Crypt are banned in this variant.

Biorhythm, Braids, Cabal Minion, Painter’s Servant, Sway of the Stars, Upheaval, and Worldfire are unbanned for this variant.

Casual/Competitive Divide

One of the biggest issues with meshing with a EDH playgroup is making sure everyone feels like they are playing the game at roughly the same level. If you use this variant, it can help make things more clear as to what expected. Here it’s kill or be killed, ultra cutthroat.


20 Life: There are so many tutors and access to fast mana (even with Sol Ring and Mana Crypt banned) that early game combos are something you can’t expel from EDH. In order for combo decks to feel consistent pressure life totals need to be low enough that midrange and aggro decks can kill them if they don’t find their combos.

15 Commander Damage: A upgrade from 21 Commander damage, we felt like Commander damage should still matter.

Sol Ring and Mana Crypt Bans: Sol Ring and Mana Crypt act as both rituals and mana rocks. They can make games easily lopsided by themselves. While there are other forms of fast ramping in the format ( Exploration, Ancient Tomb , among many others ) those cards actually have drawbacks.



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