Hey! This is a product review of MTG Trading Post, a Free App for IOS that helps you value, trade, and look up information on cards. From a distance I can say that if you do a lot of trading at FNM and have an iphone this is probably a very good solution to your trading needs!

Right away when you start using MTG Trading Post you will notice how simple and direct it is. All you have to do is search up a card and you can see different versions of the card, their price, and an image of the card (you can find foil and non-foil pricing). The card prices are pulled from TCG Player.com


It goes deeper with the ability to use a grading scale to roughly gauge the value of non-mint cards. This is helpful because a lot of the time when you are trading non-mint condition cards people can argue over how non-mint a card is and how it effects the price of the card. This app provides exactly the service you need in this scenario – a neutral third party that you can agree to use to gauge value when things are unclear. You’ll still argue over how non-mint a card is but at least it gives you parameters for how it effects pricing.

Let’s get down to trading. You’ll see how at the bottom of the screen you get two totals: one for Red and one for Blue. These are the two total separate trade values. At the top of the screen is the difference. When the difference changes to one person’s favor the top bar will change color to favor who still has value leveraged against the other trader. This helps you not have to do a lot of math constantly.

If for some reason you want to not include a card in your pile for trade but still want to keep it’s information at hand you can swipe to hide the card. This is really useful if you desire several cards from one person but know you won’t have enough credit to get them all. Having the option to hide cards allow you to play with different trade options you have at your disposal.

Overall Feeling:

I think this App is pretty decent overall for what it is trying to accomplish. It sets out to provide a free, clear, simple experience and it delivers on what it promises. Overall it is pretty easy to operate but stuff like hiding cards takes a hot second to figure out – then its easy!

Click here to get the App!

Note: I know the developer, Kevin Forte, personally. I have no financial or other stake in MTG Trading Post so I don’t believe this clouds my judgement of the App.




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