Today brings the start of our Commander 2016 spoiler articles! Lets first take a look at the partner mechanic:


We’ll talk about the legendary creatures more in upcoming articles, but lets look at Partner first. It reads: “You can have two commanders if both have partner”. This is a new mechanic to commander and will really shake things up. There are already 4 of these new partner commanders spoiled and I would not be surprised if we got a total of 8 (two per commander set) or perhaps 10 (1 for each 2 color guild pairing). We could get 1 per box, for a total of 5.

As far as rules go, you can only use the partner commanders together if both have partner. Commander damage and commander tax is tracked separately for each one. Of course, the color identity of your deck will be the combination of both partners (up to 4 colors).

Here are a few more for your tasting:




Also, we got our first 4 color commander previewed!


This card has so much potential. I could see voltron/tokens/infect totally being a thing. I wonder if you could use her Angel/Horror typing to your advantage somehow…


Basic landcycling is back. I don’t know how I feel about this card yet but it is playable I think.


I do think that basic landcycling is more powerful in the non-green colored decks. Especially if the card itself (ignoring basic landcycling) is playable. This card seems OK.


We also got a new type of Wrath of God effect. I don’t think this is too new or anything. Undaunted might backfire on you later on in the game when players start to die…


I’m a fan of this, especially for players who run fetch lands. I don’t think it is super good or anything but on a budget it can get you a good amount of ramp (at a domain value of 3 it matches Gilded Lotus). I want to play with it before I give more input.

Also, Command Tower and Commander’s Sphere got reprinted.

Keep a lookout for more spoiler articles here on Commander Society! Like our page on Facebook to keep up to date. Later today I’ll start taking a more in-depth look at the partner commanders/Atraxa and possibilities that lie there.



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