Prossh, Skyraider of Kher is often paired with the words despicable, overpowered, and inevitable. I’m here to tell you about Prossh stories past and explain to you why he’s probably the best Jund commander to ever be printed.

Basic Magic card evaluation says that if we get a power/toughness rate near the converted mana cost of a spell that is a good sign. Prossh is a 5/5 dragon for 6 mana – not a bad start. It helps that Dragons are a heavily supported creature type and that he has flying.

The real power starts with his triggered ability that makes tokens. Not only is he making 6 tokens, but the amount of tokens he creates scales with each cast. Countering Prossh doesn’t stop the tokens. With spells like Goblin Bombardment, Beastmaster Ascension, and Purphoros, God of the Forge in the format it is not hard for these 0/1 Kobolds to threaten lethal damage onto opponents.

Prossh’s prowess doesn’t stop there – he can also sacrifice creatures to buff his attack power. This is incredibly useful for both securing kills onto players using commander damage and as a sac outlet in general. Big game swinging cards like Insurrection find new blood when you can sac all of your opponents creatures after you attack. Ask anyone who has ever played Karador, Ghost Chieftain : sac outlets are incredibly useful and versatile. It puts Shivan Dragon‘s firebreathing ability to shame.

All of these abilities together touch on everything Jund is good at: Dragons, creating mana, creating sac fodder, eating sac fodder, and digesting sac fodder. A lot of people shake their heads at cards such as Food Chain which allow you to recast Prossh an infinite number of times (thus creating as many 0/1s as you please) but he’s powerful enough as is.

The Secrets of Prossh

Prossh is¬†incredibly good at playing defense. Not only do you have a 5/5 flying dragon to block in the air but you have a swarm of chump blockers – even swarm decks can have a difficult time attacking through your team of creatures. Making matters more awkward for your opponent Prossh has so many aggressive opportunities once you untap with Prossh in play that your opponents can often die on the return attack if they don’t kill you with their attack (Beastmaster Ascension, Shared Animosity, Craterhoof Behemoth – via natural cast, Natural Order, or any number of other threats using other green tutor-into-play effects like Chord of Calling, Green Sun’s Zenith etc).

Prossh is incredibly well paired with Birthing Pod. Sacing Prossh can get you Avenger of Zendikar – a generically powerful green card in general but more powerful here because we can use the tokens in different ways – and Rune-Scarred Demon. Chancellor of the Forge is also a powerful pick because it can give you a surge of goblin tokens (great for Prossh decks focusing on token effects).

Prossh is really well paired with planeswalkers because of his ability to make chump blockers and block himself for planeswalkers, leading to a higher chance that you’ll untap with your walker in play and get more activations. Having planeswalkers in your deck also diversifies your boardstate against sweepers – Planeswalkers are specifically¬†difficult to mass remove.

Some planeswalkers are specifically really good in a Prossh deck – Sarkhan Vol can buff your tokens and provide haste but his secondary Threaten ability becomes better because you can sac the creature you steal post combat to Prossh


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Here’s a Prossh decklist that takes advantage of planeswalkers and looks to trade very aggressively with other players’ resources early in the game while letting Prossh be Prossh and make a bunch of 0/1s and kill you through commander damage or sheer value-over-time advantage via planeswalker activations and sacing Kobolds. See the notes in the decklist for more info!



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