Saskia the Unyielding is the hyper aggressive commander any aggro player should have a home in their heart for. She has haste, vigilance, and access to all the colors except for blue. This gives us access to almost every super aggressive card in the format.

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The Main Strategy

This Saskia deck takes the best non-blue pump spells and effects and aims to threaten lethal damage (very quickly at times) onto one or two opponents before rotating to kill the last player.

The deck features a minor infect package that includes infect superstars Inkmoth Nexus, Glistener Elf, Viridian Corrupter, and the big black dragon Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon. We also run Tainted Strike. Infect can be awkward in commander because usually only one person at any given pod is running infect damage enablers yet infect can be rewarding to us because pump spells and effects work especially well with infect (remember that the official EDH rules call that if any player has 10 or more infect damage applied to them they lose the game).

Infect works with Saskia the Unyielding. This means that when you get a Saskia trigger from one of your creatures dealing combat damage, it will deal damage to the Saskia-named player. If that creature has infect it will infect the player it hit as well as the player that is named on Saskia.

We do run other creatures in our deck and most either work really well with pump spells (Kiln Fiend) or they are creatures that enable us to deal damage to all other players at about the same time (Grenzo’s Ruffians, Hydra Omnivore). These creatures are accompanied by other classic aggressive higher end creatures such as Xenagos, God of Revels and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight.

How Saskia Brings it Together

Saskia the Unyielding’s enter the battlefield trigger, her passive triggered ability, and her built in haste make her playable, powerful, and flexible. When she enters we can pick a player and attack that same player to focus them down really quickly with burst damage. We can also choose to name one player and attack another if we think we have enough pump spells to kill them both quickly.

Saskia is flexible because she lets you sidestep around effects like Propaganda or Ghostly Prison. If you really feel the need to kill someone who his hiding behind a Propaganda or an army of blockers you can name them and attack someone else.

It helps that in multiplayer EDH games there is usually at least one deck that doesn’t either play early creatures or doesn’t play any defensive cards at all. This means in most games you should be able to threaten any player you wish VIA Saskia’s enter the battlefield trigger and hit the player who has little defense. Even if everyone plays an early creature the deck has enough trample effects to get the job done.

Understanding The Pump Spells

Have clear goals when you cast your pump spells. Are you trying to bait removal or a block? Are you trying to setup for lethal damage next turn? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when you plan your attack steps.

Some pump spells like Berserk or Fatal Frenzy should be cast last because their output is based upon the creature’s current power.

Other pump spells like Stonewood Invocation can be used as both pump spells, protection, and finishers. If you resolve Stonewood Invocation onto a lethally big creature often times you are almost guaranteed a kill onto a player because nobody (including you) can target that creature until EOT.

Know how much pump spell damage you need to kill with commander damage. On turn 4 you can hit someone with Saskia to deal 3 damage to them (the other three damage off the Saskia trigger, if you choose that same player, does not count towards commander damage – commander damage is only combat damage). This means you have to deal 18 more damage. If you are able to find or tutor up a double strike effect you virtually only need to buff Saskia by 6 more power – easy mode engaged.

With double strike you only need to make Saskia into a 11 power creature in order to secure a one shot kill (before calculating for any blocking creatures). That’s +8 power and double strike to kill someone without hitting them previously.

Be Patient When Needed

Know your matchups. If you are playing against broken combo decks don’t be afraid to jam Saskia or other creatures as soon as possible and push for the kill – be hyper aggressive and secure commander damage with your pump spells if able.

If you know a game will probably be more grindy be patient, draw cards using your black card draw spells, and sit back and wait for the tools you need to strike someone down when the coast becomes clear. Cards like Thoughtseize and Duress can give you valuable information and disrupt combos. Silence and Orim’s Chant can interrupt an opponent’s combo turn if played ahead of time as well as make sure that other players can’t mess up the turns where you intend to kill someone.

Use Your Opponents

This deck isn’t that political but you can use creatures your opponents control to get kills onto other players when they don’t expect it – especially commander damage.

Tricks You Should Know

Inkmoth Nexus can be a great way to get kills onto opponents who need to die in the midgame. Inkmoth can be especially resilient because it is a land creature and can’t be bounced by popular removal/bounce spells like Cyclonic Rift. Because you can go Crop Rotation end-of-turn fetching the inkmoth you can threaten infect damage out of nowhere.

Crop Rotation or a green-oriented fetchland is also useful for fetching up Dryad Arbor. The arbor can be brought into play at instant speed to peel for a sacrifice effect like Fleshbag Marauder or for use as a creature to attack with.

Berserk can be used as a kill spell if the creature you want to kill attacks.

If you have Kavu Predator in play you can alternate-cast Reverent Silence with a forest in play, having each other player gain 6 life thus giving Kavu Predator +18/+18.

Fling and Soul’s Fire can be used proactively during your turn to kill opponents but you can also be patient and use it instant speed to deny combos or kill opponents in response to their combos.

Brion Stoutarm is sort of like Fling but he has lifelink. You can also give Brion infect via Tainted Strike. Soul’s Fire can also facilitate infect kills at instant speed if you target a creature with infect.



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