Hello Internet, and welcome the first ever Bonus Episode of the Snow-Covered Lands Podcast!

Bonus episodes are something that we’ve wanted to do since the inception of the podcast, since there is so much more to game of Magic (and Commander especially) than just the retrospective look we take at sets. These bonus episodes will not interrupt the bi-weekly schedule of the regular podcast, but rather are just a little extra we aim to put out when time permits. In a perfect world we want to try to have 3 episodes out a month, with the bonus episode fitting in the week between either of the regular episodes. With that out of the way, let’s get on to our first bonus episode!

This week Martin and Nick are starting a series of episodes where we aim to look at and go over some of our favourite ‘Hidden Gems’ or cards that are great ‘…In The Right Deck’. We all have those cards that we fell in love with after finding it, and that the other players in the game have to pick up and read, exclaiming “I’ve never seen that before.” In this series we’ll run down some of ours, covering a different card type each episode.

This week, we’re doing Enchantments! With enchantments you can find some really funky cards that change how the game of Magic is played almost, and hopefully with this episode you’ll be able to cast some that catch your opponents by surprise. Need your Swamps to act as if you have a Koth emblem? Playing a Fungus tribal deck and need some juice? Want to reanimate in blue? We’ll cover all those and more in this episode.

If you need to get a hold of the guys you can do so by emailing [email protected], @SCLpodcast on Twitter, or on our Facebook page, facebook.com/snowcoveredlands.

All of the music used for our podcast is royalty free and can be found at bensound.com, our RSS feed can be found here, and you can find the podcast on iTunes by searching Snow-Covered Lands.

Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, brave the snow friends!



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