Hello Internet, and welcome back to the Snow-Covered Lands Podcast, episode 10!

In this, our glorious return, episode Eric and Nick take a step from out of the shadows and take a look at Magic’s fourth ever set, The Dark! It’s a strange set all around, and it’s pretty clear that Wizards hadn’t quite figured out the colour pie yet. There’s blue land destruction, black tapping down, red targeted removal, and even some white draw! For all that The Dark is known for being a ‘bad set’, we think otherwise and find some great (or at least interesting) cards to talk about.

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Thank you again to everyone for their patience during our time away. The summer has been wild for all of us, but we hope to be back to a regular schedule. Hope you all enjoy our return episode.

Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, brave the snow friends!



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