Hello Internet, and welcome to Episode 7 of the Snow-Covered Lands Podcast!

This week there is a storm-a-brewin’, and I’m not talking about the storm of outraged Leovold players upset about the ban, it’s because Martin and Nick are going over a great old set: Tempest!

Some mediocre legendary creatures aside, Tempest is a super sweet set. Nick mentions it during the episode, but it’s just staggering how many EDH staples came out of this (nearly 20 year old) set. From Scroll Rack, to Living Death, Ancient Tomb to Earthcraft, this set just has it all. We also see quite a few cards that are namesakes for entire types of cards nowadays: Diabolic Edict was responsible for naming cards that force players to sacrifice creatures ‘Edict’ effects, the same is true for Reanimate, and Rampant Growth (while not originally from this set, it is in this set). Also, this is the first time we see Slivers! Who doesn’t love Slivers?

Corrections: Nick misspelled the file name for the episode and feels like a big ol’ butt for it.

You can find Martin’s five colour combo Sliver decklist here, and Nick’s shadow-themed deck here.

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, brave the snow friends!



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