Do you get annoyed by players trying to control you? Do you get triggered by the color blue? Then this Spicy Dragonlord Dromoka deck is probably a good fit for you!

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The Main Strategy

This Dragonlord Dromoka deck is trying to play a enchantress voltron strategy by loading up a single creature with tons of enchantments to make that singular creature huge and push in a lot of damage all at once. This Strategy is somewhat different from other enchantress voltron strategies because we have Dragonlord Dromoka to give our turns ‘protection’ from other players’ spot removal and counterspells in a similar way that Grand Abolisher does.

This means that we have two main options to choose from when developing our initial boardstate: suit up a small creature early in the game with enchantments to push in damage or go for a more traditional enchantress value engine and aim to deploy/untap with a Dragonlord Dromoka and threaten lethal commander damage.

Enchantress Package

There are tons of enchantments we could choose to include in our deck but I choose to focus mostly on enchantments that costs 1-2 or 3 mana so that we could be mana efficient while deploying our enchantments. I also thought that the vast majority of enchantments that were good at enabling creature damage costed a low amount so I didn’t feel the need to extend my options towards cards like Indrik Umbra or Eldrazi Conscription. Cards like Ethereal Armor and Ancestral Mask provide similar or higher damage output for much less mana.

The real engine behind any Enchantress deck are the various Enchantresses themselves (Argothian Enchantress, Kor Spiritdancer, Femeref Enchantress, Mesa Enchantress, Verduran Enchantress ) and Enchantress’s Presence. Because the average CMC for our enchantments is low we can cantrip easily through our deck to create huge lethal creatures. Plus, we can use most of the Enchantresses themselves as threats if we need creatures to enchant! If we did not have a Enchantress engine our deck would be super vulnerable to the grindy/midrange decks that are trying to attrition the entire table. Because we are drawing cards when we cast enchantments we don’t get as easily punished when our creatures eventually die.

Rounding out our deck is our removal suite that – of course – uses enchantments alongside traditional removal like Path to Exile or Beast Within. Rest in Peace and Ground Seal might have a little anti-synergy with our deck because they block the value that Eternal Witness and Sun Titan can provide, but they are sometimes more than necessary versus all-in graveyard strategies. Seal of Primordium, Seal of Cleansing, and Aura of Silence can annoy our opponents by letting us cantrip cheaply and threaten instant speed removal once they are in play. We also have access to Darksteel Mutation and Song of the Dryads, two very capable enchantments that can shut down early game combo-centric creatures.

How Dromoka Completes The Deck

If you enjoy doing what you want to during your turns Dragonlord Dromoka might be one of the more resilient options you could choose from any legendary creature in the game.Dragonlord Dromoka rounds this deck out by giving us a imaginary shield that our opponents have an incredibly hard time bypassing. This is important for a deck that has its roots in the enchantress archetype because traditionally enchantress decks have to rely on resolving most of their spells at sorcery speed. If we can have confidence that we can overextend during our turn and not get punished for it we can push lethal damage onto the players that need to get killed.

Dragonlord Dromoka is also a really good rate for what we are paying for her. She’s a 5/7 lifelinking flyer. That flying seven toughness makes her incredibly hard to kill in combat. Not only can she block most playable creatures in EDH but she kills most of them and against swarm decks you have to attack with a ton of creatures in order to actually net damage though the lifelink.

Cards To Swap Out When You Need/Want To:

The first cards to cut should probably be Spirit Loop, Graceblade Artisan, Oblivion Ring, and Unflinching Courage. These cards are decent in the deck but if you want to hate out specific archetypes then these are probably the first to go.

Against Artifacts: Aura Shards is good, even if we don’t run a ton of creatures in our deck.

Against Storm Decks: Eidolon of Rhetoric is solid, Rule of Law and Curse of Exhaustion work.

Against Aggro: Ghostly Prison and Elephant Grass. ( Sphere of Safety also works but its CMC is uncooperative with this deck). Remember that your deck is already pretty good versus most aggro decks.

Against Strange Damage sources like Purphoros, God of the Forge or Voltron Commanders like Uril, the Mistalker: Runed Halo and Story Circle.

Against other Enchantress Decks: Cleansing Meditation. I think this deck is already decent in most Enchantress v Enchantress matchups because this deck can probably threaten to accelerate its damage per turn much faster than other Enchantress decks.

Against Really Redundant Commanders: Nevermore

If you wanted to include more effects similar to Dragonlord Dromoka you could include Grand Abolisher, City of Solitude, and Dosan the Falling Leaf.

More Reading:

If you want to read more about Enchantress decks I could recommend this article on a Enchantress Marath deck.

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