This spicy Kaho, Minamo Historian combo deck looks to cast Mana Severance exiling a vast majority of the deck (its mostly lands) to leave Laboratory Maniac and a few other spells left in your deck. All you have to do is draw a card with Laboratory Maniac in play and no cards in your library to win the game. The catch is that the deck is super all-in and if you mess up it has no backup win conditions.

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The Main Strategy

While this deck is all-in on Laboratory Maniac there are multiple ways to approach the win condition. To really understand this deck lets look at Kaho, Minamo Historian.

When Kaho enters the battlefield we get to exile up to three Instants from our deck. The key words are “up to” and the fact that we can only find Instants.

The only nonland cards we run in our deck are:

(Non Instant, Nonland)
Laboratory Maniac
Mana Severance

Pact of Negation
Long-Term Plans
Mystical Tutor

Because we run only 5 Instants we can use Kaho to exile over half the Instants in our deck if we wanted. The timing of when you want to go for your game winning Laboratory Maniac really dictates how many spells you will exile.

For games you think will go longer you should choose to only exile 1 spell with Kaho. Exiling 1 spell leaves your deck less exposed if Kaho gets removed before you can untap.

You can exile Gush and Brainstorm for very basic value plays but be much more careful when you are choosing to exile Mystical Tutor and Long-Term Plans because those are your primary ways of finding Mana Severance. Don’t ever exile both Mystical Tutor and Long-Term Plans at the same time because if Kaho is removed before you can activate her ability you will likely never find Mana Severance. The only time you should cast Kaho finding these two tutors is if you have naturally found Mana Severance and want to bait spot removal onto your commander so you can peel for Laboratory Maniac.

For faster games you should exile the maximum number of instants, 3. This is so that when you go for your Laboratory Maniac power play you have as few cards in your deck as possible. If you have naturally drawn a nonland card during the game or one of the cycle lands you can power out Laboratory Maniac and draw enough cards to win the game. For faster games I recommend exiling in 1 of 2 ways:

Pile 1:
Long-Term Plans
Pact of Negation

Pile 2:
Mystical Tutor
Pact of Negation

Each game will obviously be different but these two pile options are good starting options for fast games while splitting your two tutors. Pile 1 is good for games that are faster because you can untap Kaho and threaten to put Mana Severance Third from the top of your deck. You can use Brainstorm after using Long-Term Plans to either grab Mana Severance quickly or once Laboratory Maniac is in play to win the game (because Gush, and Mystical tutor will still be in your deck and you won’t have any other cards left in your deck for the 3rd draw). Even if you don’t draw all the cards in your deck for some reason Gush is a free spell and it can draw you the last draw effects you need.

Pile 2 has the same idea in mind but is more mana efficient and brings Mana Severance to the top of our deck faster. Use Mystical Tutor to find Mana Severance and cast it. Once your deck is exiled you will only have LTP, Laboratory Maniac, and Gush left in your deck. Drawing through the last part of your deck should be easy because you have access to Gush and the cycle lands.

For fast games you want to be exiling Pact of Negation alongside the other effects you tutor up. This is so you are diluting your deck and if you activate Kaho end of turn before your turn you can possibly have Pact of Negation backup if you decide to go for your combo turn all at once.

The lands bring it all together

The lands in this deck really give us an edge. Because we are not normally doing much besides casting Kaho and waiting to commit to our combo turn we can run really strange lands that are normally not good. These lands range from classic utility lands like Winding Canyons and Boseiju, Who Shelters All to Cycle lands and Storage lands.

The storage lands are strong to have really early in the game because we can  let the number of counters grow on our storage lands grow and patiently wait for the right time to go for the combo. If we are patient, we can often have tons of mana and surprise our opponents by how far into the combo we can go with the bonus mana created off of the storage lands.

The Cycle lands (Remote Isle, Blasted Landscape, and Lonely Sandbar) are perhaps the most powerful lands in this deck because they give you more options to win the game once you have exiled your deck and played Laboratory Maniac. Especially if you have bonus mana off of your storage lands you should be able to use the cycle ability to win the game if you are in a pinch. Because you can cycle at instant speed this means you can respond to your opponents removal – often targeting Laboratory Maniac – to draw again in another attempt to win the game.

I hope you enjoyed this strange take on a Doomsday style Laboratory Maniac deck! Tell me what you think in the comments below.



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