Sram Boggles is a deck that looks to play Sram, Senior Edificer and cast as many 1 drop enchantments as possible to draw a ton of cards. If you’re in the market to draw cards and not play a blue deck this will be right up your alley. Voltron ahoy!

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Why no Equipment?

Sram, Senior Edificer lets you draw a card whenever you cast a aura, equipment, or vehicle. Some people like to go the equipment route but I chose not to. While there are some very cheap equipment like Bone Saw, very few of these equipment actually do anything. There are also very few cards in the game that reward playing tons of low cost equipment, most famous probably being Puresteel Paladin. Instead I chose to only play auras so that I could maximize the synergy within my deck. Cards like Replenish just don’t do much work if you are running a split of auras and equipment.

You’ll be casting tons of auras, but most of them don’t buff Sram that much. Usually you will win the game by enchanting Sram or another creature with Ethereal Armor, Eidolon of Countless Battles, or Sage’s Reverie to a creature to make it massive and kill someone.

Ethereal Armor is the card you’ll most commonly kill with; because it costs so little during your cantripping you can easily hit a aura tutor like Heliod’s Pilgrim and immediately cast it to threaten lethal damage.

For grindy games your win conditions are usually Sage’s ReverieRetether, and Replenish. These cards allow you to grind out games, draw crap tons of cards, and rebuild your boardstate almost out of nowhere. You’ll often draw into Serra’s Sanctum or Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and these cards will provide you with enough mana to essentially have combo turns where you draw hordes of cards.

We’re running mostly low cost auras, but we have a few creatures to support us or to use as our voltron creature when Sram dies.

Mesa Enchantress and Kor Spiritdancer : Basically our secondary and third Srams. Kor Spiritdancer can become scary huge with enchantments.

Weathered Wayfarer : Crucial in helping us find Serra’s Sanctum or Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. You could choose to run Expedition map in his place but I like wayfarer because its a dork that can carry enchantments and peel for a edict effect.

Hero of Iroas : The cost reduction can be helpful, but he’s in the deck mostly because he gets a +1/+1 counter for each spell you target him with. We’re drawing tons of cards so its easy to stack the hero up with lethal damage in a single turn if we have Serra’s Sanctum mana.

Monastery Mentor : The Prowess triggers can pump mentor up to be very large similarly to Hero of Iroas but in addition you get 1/1 white monk tokens that also have prowess. If you untap with a cluster of monk tokens your opponents should be afraid for their lives with this deck’s card draw potential. The monks are also good against decks with repeatable edict effects.

Ajani’s Chosen : Similar to Mentor he makes cute cats, but this creature is probably best paired with Retether and Replenish. With these cards you can create huge bursts of cats. Also good against edicts.

Auramancer : Almost like a Eternal witness for this deck.

Hopeful Eidolon  and Eidolon of Countless battles : A lifelinking dork when we need a dork, but the Bestow is actually quite good in a grindy game because we can draw a card off Sram’s trigger and when Sram or the enchanted dork leaves the battlefield Hopeful Eidolon comes into play as a creature, allowing us to untap with a non-summoning sick creature we can use to mass enchant for lethal damage onto an opponent. Eidolon of Countless Battles fills a similar role, but you’ll almost always cast the countless battles as an aura instead of as a creature.


This deck can create multiple instances of lifelink, often gaining you tons of life so that opponents can’t kill you on the crack-back.

Cards such as lifelink give your creature actual lifelink, whereas cards like Spirit Link and Spirit Loop give your creature a triggered ability that gains life, but is not strictly lifelink. Because of this, if your voltron dork has Spirit Loop, Spirit Link, and Lifelink, you will gain 3x life each time it deals damage!

Most of our enchantments provide a very small benefit to Sram, but we do run auras that mess with other people’s creatures. Darksteel Mutation, Mortal Obstinacy, Gelid Shackles, and Detainment Spell can all be used to interact with opponents’ stuff. Note that Darksteel Mutation might seem strange to cast on Sram but sometimes you need to make him a 0/1 indestructible creature so that you can voltron through wraths.

Brainwash, Cowed by Wisdom, and Oppressive Rays all can make it hard for your opponents to attack with their big creatures.

Problems with the Deck

You should always understand the weaknesses of your own deck. With this boggles deck it is the following:

Haste : Our deck has no ability to grant haste, so you have to get used to understanding how to sequence both how large your voltron creature is each turn with how many attacks to lethal you need to kill a player. Cards like Ethereal Armor provide huge burst damage at a moment’s notice so knowing how to conceal what your maximum damage output is can make or break games.

No way to filter card advantage : We draw a lot of cards but we have very little control over what we are drawing – this can lead to games where we draw a bunch of lands and can’t loop 1 drop enchantments onto Sram.

Protection : We don’t actually run that many protection enchantments so our voltron creatures are quite vulnerable to spot removal. Cards that steal your creatures like Zealous Conscripts can actually cause huge problems for us.



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