Sram, Senior Edificer is a commander that really excited me when I first saw him spoiled online. Back when Magic Origins came out I built a decent Kytheon deck that was centered around a cantrip/voltron strategy. When Sram. Senior Edificer was spoiled on mythic spoiler I knew that I was going to give the mono-white voltron strategy another visit. I bet Sram is also a solid support card in a Depala, Pilot Exemplar deck.

You can find my original Kytheon article here.

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The Main Strategy

The strategy is straightforward – we use Sram to draw us cards as we load up a creature with voltron damage in the form of Auras and Equipment. Some of the selections like Flickering Ward are there mostly because they help us cantrip and other ones are there because they provide us with better damage output.

The payoff is generally felt when we are inevitably trying to rebuild our boardstate. If we are cantripping while casting small pump effects/equipment/vehicles it means that we can rebuild our boardstate easily if we get board wiped or are subject to spot removal.

Being able to cantrip easily also means we can find hate cards more easily like rest in peace, grafdigger’s cage, and Aven Mindcensor to name only a few of our options in white. Spells like detainment spell can be interesting to play because they serve as a cheap cantrip for us and as a way to deny our opponents their crucial combo creatures.

What Sram Brings to The Table

Sram, Senior Edificer brings card draw to white and that is huge. Past commanders like Kemba, Kha Regent who have tried to be equipment focused are odd because it takes too much time to get the payoff of Kemba’s ability. Because we get a ‘draw a card’ trigger when we cast a Aura, Equipment, or Vehicle while Sram is in play we are generating value instantly.

This card draw value better for us when we are playing a deck that is capable of putting out tons of burst damage because when we draw cards our opponents don’t know our maximum damage potential on any given turn. In the case of a commander like Kemba, Kha Regent, your opponents visibly see how much damage you will be able to deal with your additional cats way before your cats can move in for an attack. This gives them time to counter your strategies. When you are playing voltron you don’t want your opponents to have time to build a strategy against you.

When your deck has a low average CMC it usually means you can cast more spells. Casting more spells usually means more card draw and more burst damage with Sram or another voltron creature. There’s a reason why Puresteel Paladin is considered to be one of the most powerful cards in a mono-white equipment style deck.



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