Here’s the top 8 cards that I think are going appear in EDH decks from Ixalan:


Vance’s Blasting Cannons is kind of like a Outpost Siege but you don’t get the ability to choose from two options. The Blasting Cannon still provides us virtual card advantage, but when it flips (and its not that hard to flip, you only need to cast three spells) you get to net a land and a source of controllable damage that can ping players and creatures. I could see this being played in Keranos, God of Storms decks and other grindy Red/X decks or mono red burn decks.


No Dark Confidant, but this card is super playable in any black midrange or aggro deck. I like this card because it will break even on cards the turn you play it, if you attacked that turn.


I expect Arguel’s Blood Fast to compete for a spot in decks that are currently using Erebos, God of the Dead or Greed.  It’s not indestructible like Erebos is, but I like that you can cast this card faster than Erebos or Greed and start drawing cards. I wouldn’t expect this card to flip very often into the Temple of Aclazotz.


Raptors! Rampaging Ferocidon is awesome in aggro or assertive midrange decks, its hard to block, and the ping ability stops a ton of infinite creature combos in the format. Very playable.


This might be my personal favorite creature form this set. It has a low cmc, but its flash enables Bloodcrazed Paladin to enter play end of turn after a major board wipe, often becoming a monsterous creature big enough to kill a player easily. Note that he’s buffed via +1/+1 counters, so if you are playing a +1/+1 counter deck Bloodcrazed Paladin can also reap the rewards of a counters-matter archetype. This card pairs well with black because of black’s deep rooster of mass removal as well.


Sunbird’s Invocation took me a second to understand, but now I see it as a more desirable one-sided type of Possibility Storm. I could see any red/X deck that wants to play for a longer game getting lots of value off of this card. The reason why I think this card is worthy of the #3 spot is because it triggers off of any spell played from your hand; if it was just creature or just non-creature, or if some other limitation applied it would be harder to build around. With this card the only impediment is its six mana cost, which any midrange deck is fine paying.


This is probably the most popular #1 pick for Ixalan; it’s basically a better Gaea’s Cradle once it flips. I think this card is playable because it essentially cantrips when you play it (assuming your playing a creature heavy deck, which you probably are in green). If you’re playing an elves deck you could easily cast it, trigger, cantrip, then end of turn flip it into the land. This land isn’t nearly as strong as Gaea’s Cradle because it needs time to trigger to transform it but I consider this card a expensive Commune with Nature with super strong upside.


Hear me out; I think Dire Fleet Ravager has the capability to wreck face in this format. He’s a 4/4 with three different abilities, so we know we are getting modest value for his cost of five mana.

WOTC stapled Pox‘s life loss to a creature without including the discard or sacrifice clauses. I think this will make this card much more liable to killing players because with a normal Pox the total creature power on the board is greatly reduced, but with this card only life totals are effected so a player could play Dire Fleet Ravager precombat, bring a player down to a low life total, and kill them with a attack right away.

Creatures are also usually more recurable than spells and permanents so I think in midrange reanimator or life-loss decks this could make waves. He is also a wizard, one of the most heavily supported tribes in the game – beware Inalla, Archmage Ritualist decks.



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