Tymna the Weaver is a potent new commander coming out in the Commander 2016 product line. I’m sure I’ll be seeing her in future EDH games I play.

Tymna is quietly powerful. At first glance she is a 2/2 with Lifelink but her ability lets you draw cards. This card draw also does not require any mana: just a little bit of life and you smacking your opponents. Do you like Ambition’s Cost? Perhaps Ancient Craving? Well you came to the right place.

Tymna’s true power is that she gives you longevity if you want it. Living the dream and drawing 3 cards and losing three life is sweet but I would argue that if you can consistently hit one player and draw 1 card each turn of Tymna that is probably good enough. Phyrexian Arena has proved itself as a robust magic card over the years in multiple formats. It helps that EDH is a multiplayer format: you’ll usually have an open opponent to attack. She might not be Edric, Spymaster of Trest but she is good.

If you built a hyper aggressive deck using very small creatures that cost 1 mana each you could build an interesting Tymna deck that could consistently draw three cards on turn three (Turn 1: 1 drop, Turn 2: 1 drop 1 drop, Turn 3: Play Tymna and attack three different players).

I can also see Tymna as one of the partners of any number of combo decks. Tymna wouldn’t be the focus of your deck. She would just be there as a good option when you needed slight card advantage. That’s huge for combo decks: the ability to swing out with your utility creatures and get a additional card or two a turn.

Possible Partner Suggestions

I think Tymna might be one of the more generically powerful partners because of her ability to possibly draw cards with no direct mana investment (beyond casting Tymna). To avoid sounding generic myself I’ll look at partner pairs that remind me of powerful decks I already see in the format and other possibilities.


You could make a decent tokens deck partnering up with Tana. You have good options to pump Tana if you want to and having a mini-swarm of 1/1s will give you a higher chance of drawing 3 cards with Tymna. Red/Green has great support for tokens ( Purphoros, God of the Forge and Impact Tremors to just start the long list). When you add in the anthems and “whenever a creature enters/dies” effects from White/Black you have a lot of deckbuilding potential at your fingertips. For our review of Tana, the Bloodsower click here.


Sidar looks incredibly awkward at first glance. He’s got flanking(?) and an ability that only some will appreciate. But Tymna has 2 power so she can benefit from Sidar’s pseudo-unblockability. The green/white/black color trifecta┬áis solid for a tokens strategy. Ignoring a few clutch cards like Skullclamp and Mentor of the Meek token strategies do not normally have a lot of options for cheap card draw. Tymna is good at bringing us that cheap card draw if we want it.


Ravos and Tymna compliment each other by giving you value over time. Tymna fleshes out your early game curve and lets you draw some cards here and there. Ravos lets you get creature cards from your graveyard back to your hand. If you’re running a tokens strategy Ravos has a built in anthem effect tied into himself. Tymna and Ravos are both Human Clerics so there could be a Cleric tribal deck somewhere in there. I’m smelling a spicy Starlit Sanctum combo deck haha.

This paring could really be strong though. It reminds me a little bit of Karador, Ghost Chieftain in that you are constantly getting value and getting creatures back from your graveyard to your hand. In Black/White alone there are plenty of combos you can utilize with Buried Alive/Karmic Guide/Reveillark/Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. Most Karador decks don’t even rely on Karador: they use him mainly for his colors. A Tymna/Ravos combo deck could utilize similar combos with commanders that are more reliably castable.


I’m a fan of a Tymna/Ludevic pairing. Both of them provide you with card draw and are mana-efficient. You could incorporate Red/Blue into your deck for more combo options (like artifact combos or blue-centeric combos such as Dream Halls or Omniscience).

I really like the idea of a 4 color chaos/wheel/burn deck that harks back to Nekusar, the mindrazer. Ludevic brings a distinct political advantage to these archetypes that is super crucial. When you play a chaos/wheel/burn deck people are sometimes tempted to take you out first because you can cause chaos and disrupt your opponent’s tutoring and combo execution. Ludevic rewards your opponents for attacking or dealing damage to your other opponents so people might feel tempted to let you live long enough to set up your own chaotic combos!

Tymna’s draws can be huge for this archetype. I’ve built a few chaos/wheel/burn decks and I know that any card draw advantage is appreciated. The fact that Tymna and Ludevic cost only 3 mana each also mean that when we have to chump block vs the voltron decks we have multiple options to choose from.


A Silas partnership is great for artifact combo decks. An opponent destroy your Rings of Brighthearth? Silas can get it back for you. Adding blue to this type of deck gives you more access to ways to cheat artifacts into play like Transmute Artifact, Reshape, and Master Trasmuter.

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