The famous mechanic “Indestructible” lives more in our memories than it does in Standard or casual formats like EDH. Indestructibility does offer its uses (hehe you can’t Wrath of God my Darksteel Colossus) but both R+D and players know that its uses are limited.

From a player’s perspective there are so many ways to work around indestructibility – mass bounce spells like Cyclonic Rift and Devastation Tide don’t care if your creature can’t be destroyed and Terminus sucks everything to the bottom of player’s decks. There is also a long list of cards that exile that starts with Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares and doesn’t even begin to tapper off around Oblivion Ring or Final Judgement.

There are other ways you can also deal with indestructibility – classic enchantments like Pacifism can nullify a indestructible creature in its tracks and other enchantments like Imprisoned in the Moon, Song of the Dryads, and Darksteel Mutation work to nullify any rules text the indestructible creature had in the first place. There are even cards that let you shuffle things back into your opponents deck – such as Deglamer or Chaos Warp.

A New Proposed Mechanic

I don’t think they need to change anything about indestructible. It works fine the way it is – what need to happen is there needs to be more reward for running cards with Indestructible. Here’s a roundabout way of how:

I propose a new mechanic I call “Bubble”. Here’s my text for it:

Bubble: A permanent with bubble can’t be returned to its owner’s hand or be exiled.

This type of mechanic could complement indestructibility well because it can create a trichotomy of different mechanics that prevent your creatures from being messed with in different ways. Indestructible would block off lethal damage and destroy effects. Hexproof would be king against spot removal and nullifying enchantments and Bubble (or whatever better name probably exists) would cover bounce, mass bounce, mass exile, and traditional targeted exile effects.

When you create a trichotomy of options that are efficient against different types of answers you start to introduce more opportunity costs to those answers. Theoretically this would indirectly increase the value of indestructible as a mechanic because more people would be forced to run traditional mass removal like Wrath of God if decent cards with “Bubble” or like-minded mechanics came out.

I know I’m not addressing certain mechanics like protection, but adding a mechanic that can compliment a old mechanic like indestructible is probably better then going back to the old strategy R+D has of applying direct power creep to cards. I don’t like how power creep can make some older cards with similar mechanics obsolete.



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